Owner of last Marmon hosting annual Marmon gathering

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 1/30/2015

The Marmon Truck Gathering is scheduled for April 17-18 in McKinney, Texas.

Arranged by OOIDA Life Member Ken Matuszak, owners and admirers of the limited and discontinued Marmon trucks get together every year to show off their Marmon and talk all things Marmon. This year will be the 14th annual gathering.

Photo courtesy of Ken Matuszak

OOIDA Life Member Ken Matuszak’s Marmon is the last one made.

Marmons are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of trucks. Matuszak bought his first Marmon, a 1975 conventional, in 1980. He would eventually end up with the very last Marmon made.

“It was such a great truck for me – low maintenance, low upkeep – that I fell in love with them,” Matuszak told Land Line. “From that time on, I went through my life trying a couple other brands, and it didn’t work out so I went back to Marmon.”

In 1997, Matuszak was ready for a new truck. Knowing he would have to spend around $130,000 at the time, Matuszak had very specific specs for his new truck: 500 hp Detroit engine, slope nose design, emerald green, light gray interior and low-pro rubber.

Unfortunately, the nearby dealership had only two Marmons: one red and one black. To make matters worse, the dealership could not order any more Marmons and could not get answers from the manufacturer as to why not. Matuszak was told to go to the plant for answers. So he did.

It was at the plant where Matuszak found out that Marmon was shutting down for good and that the last Marmon truck produced was currently in the paint booth. Curious about the last Marmon, Matuszak was allowed to check it out. The last truck was teal green, light gray interior, slope nose design and had a 470 hp Detroit engine. Matuszak could deal with a 30 hp deficit and teal green was close enough.

After some negotiating with the plant and dealership, Matuszak sealed the deal. He now owned the very last Marmon truck.

“It’s been a godsend,” Matuszak said. “It’s been a blessing of a truck.”

The words “The Last Marmon” can be seen on the bug shield. With nearly 2 million miles logged, “The Last Marmon” is still going strong.

With a solid love and dedication to Marmon trucks, Mutaszak decided to put together a Marmon gathering for others who shared a similar bond to the brand. This year, the 14th Annual Marmon Truck Gathering will take place on April 17-18 at the Days Inn Motel on Central Expressway in McKinney, Texas.

In addition to the Marmon trucks, there will be a barbeque on Saturday and a raffle. A swap meet for Marmon parts only will also be included. Anyone with Marmon parts can bring a list of what they have and make some deals with other Marmon parts owners.

Like any other group of like-minded individuals, Matuszak described the Marmon community as a family or brotherhood. Whenever a Marmon owner is in need of something related to the truck, other Marmon owners swoop in to help.

“It has almost turned out to be more of a family reunion every year,” Matuszak said of the annual gathering. “It’s a camaraderie thing between us.”

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