Detroit Radiator sponsoring Truck Drivers

| 1/21/2015

Detroit Radiator has announced its official sponsorship of Truck Drivers

Detroit Radiator will assist Truck Drivers with their traveling campaign, which promotes good health and exercise to truckers. As part of the campaign, the health advocacy organization will have a demonstration explaining the differences between a healthy and unhealthy driver with the use of a healthy and unhealthy truck.

Speaking a language that truckers can understand, an out-of-shape driver with 20 years of experience will be represented by an old 1995 Western Star show truck. Highlighting the transformation a healthy lifestyle can lead to, Truck Drivers will rebuild the aging show truck while explaining tips on a healthier driver and a healthier truck.

The campaign will span across two years, starting at the 2015 Mid-American Truck Show on March 26-26 and ending at MATS 2017. During that time, the truck can be seen at approximately 60 truck shows and more than 350 trucking industry companies.

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