CAT Scales' new app makes weighing in easier, faster

| 1/15/2015

CAT Scale and Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS) have teamed up to offer a new form of payment for drivers using CAT Scale’s new Weigh My Truck mobile app. EFS’s involvement will allow truckers to never leave their vehicle at the weigh station.

Drivers can link their EFS card to the Weigh My Truck app. Upon registering an account at, users simply use their EFS card as the form of payment and download the app. After weighing in at any of CAT Scale’s 1,550 locations, the app uses the phone’s GPS location to verify the payment. Acknowledge the transaction on the phone, and voila – time to go without ever having to exit the vehicle.

“We’ve seen a significant positive impact on hours of service and driver satisfaction among our customers using this mobile app payment solution, as drivers are spending less time weighing and more time on the road,” said Senior Vice President of Merchant Services for EFS Karl Kelley in a press release.

The Weigh My Truck app is available for free at both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android devices.

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