Car dragged 16 miles in bizarre mishap with truck

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 1/8/2015

A very unusual non-injury accident occurred on Interstate 75 in upper Michigan early Wednesday morning, Jan. 7.

Roscommon County Undersheriff Ed Stern said that during a heavy snowstorm, a Toyota minivan rear-ended a moving dry van and got its hood caught under the trailer.

The truck then pulled the minivan along at about 30 mph for 16 miles before police could respond to the 911 call of a passenger.

Stern said the trucker, who drives for Lavalle Transportation out of New York, was unaware of any problem.

A family of four was in the mini-van, and while they were jostled around, no one was seriously hurt.

The father, who was driving, said the 16-mile trip attached to the truck trailer “felt like an eternity.”

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