Diesel prices level out with only small increase

By Land Line staff | 1/6/2014

For the third week in a row the national average cost of on-highway diesel has risen, albeit ever so slightly at seven-tenths of a cent, to an average of $3.910 per gallon.

In the Jan. 6 report, all of the Energy Information Administration’s reporting regions showed increases except one, the Lower Atlantic region. The Lower Atlantic actually posted a decrease of nine-tenths of a cent. The region with the biggest increase was the Central Atlantic region with a 3-cent per gallon jump week over week.

When compared to the same week in 2013, the regions are largely right in line with the averages from a year ago, except for the Rocky Mountain region. There diesel prices are averaging 21 cents a gallon more than they did a year ago.

Following are the average prices by region as reported by the EIA:

  • U.S. – $3.910, up 0.7 cents
  • East Coast – $3.950, up 0.7 cents
  • New England – $4.115, up 0.4 cents
  • Central Atlantic – $4.046, up 3.0 cents
  • Lower Atlantic – $3.847, down 0.9 cents
  • Midwest – $3.888, up 0.1 cents
  • Gulf Coast – $3.802, up 1.3 cents
  • Rocky Mountain – $3.901, 1.2cents
  • West Coast – $4.034 up 0.9 cents
  • West Coast less California – $3.934, up 0.4 cents
  • California – $4.119, up 1.5 cents

ProMiles, the software company that maintains the websites ProMiles.com and TruckMiles.com, listed the daily average price for Monday at $3.917, a very slight one-tenth of a cent decrease from last week. Truckers in Connecticut pay an average of $4.372 per gallon, the highest in the nation. Truckers in Oregon are paying only $3.632 per gallon, according to the site.

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