Arkansas DOT launches website for highway construction, travel info

By Land Line staff | 11/20/2013

A new website will provide motorists and truck drivers traveling through Arkansas with real-time information about the state highway system.

The website offers visitors information about construction zones, live traffic, weather conditions and travel information, according to a release from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. Among the information that can be accessed are color-coded markers highlighting weight-restricted roads and icons showing weight restricted bridges.

The bridge restriction data provides length and width information and also weight restrictions for three, four and five axle vehicles.

Additional layers of data can be toggled on and off to provide motorists with an overall understanding of what is happening on the state highway system, the release stated.

“This is a ‘know before you go’ website,” AHTD Director of Highways Scott Bennett said in the release. “ is designed to educate the motoring public where construction zones are located and to help them make an informed decision about taking alternate routes or adjusting travels plans accordingly.”

The live traffic conditions displays are also color-coded in real time to indicate whether traffic is flowing normally, slowly or at a standstill. Additional data can be toggled on or off using the website’s display buttons.

The site was officially announced Oct. 30 during the October Arkansas Highway Commission meeting after making a preliminary debut at the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock.

AHTD representatives have also noted that the website will focus on sharing road closures related to two major statewide construction programs – the Connecting Arkansas Program and the Interstate Rehabilitation Program. Both were voter-approved construction programs driving much of the highway construction in the state. The information includes detailed explanations of both funding mechanisms, a listing of projects that will be completed, and the anticipated schedule of when construction on these projects might begin.