SPECIAL REPORT: TAB Bank continues to address glitches with new system; hiccups remain

By Clarissa Kell-Holland, Land Line staff writer | 3/9/2012

It’s been nearly two weeks since the Transportation Alliance Bank of Ogden, UT, upgraded its core banking system on Feb. 26. Countless customers were locked out from their accounts, unable to buy fuel or pay bills.

On Thursday, March 8, TAB posted a list on their website of issues that have been fixed and also included an expected fix date for when some of the ongoing customer service issues may be resolved.

On Friday, March 9, some TAB customers told Land Line that while many of their issues have been fixed, they are still experiencing worrisome problems with the new system.

OOIDA member Mike Corwin of Franklin, OH, told Land Line on Friday that he is still having problems “balancing his checkbook.”

“Right now, I still have transactions showing up as deposits that were supposed to be charges and vice versa,” Corwin said. “I still have some discrepancies with the balances in my accounts.”

While Corwin doesn’t have any loans with TAB, in one account it shows he has an “installment loan,” which shows the same account number as his main checking account. Last week, he said he transferred money from one account to another account, but that transaction still hasn’t posted.

“It’s still a mess, but it is getting better,” he said.

On Friday, OOIDA member Kia Goldberg of Cincinnati, OH, said many of the problems have been resolved, but it’s taken countless hours on the phone and multiple emails to get things sorted out.

“We are starting to see some improvements,” she said. “It’s moving along slowly, but it’s moving.”

Goldberg and many other TAB customers have spent hours each day on the phone or sending emails with questions regarding their accounts for nearly two weeks.

“Things aren’t perfect, but they are better,” she said. “We are lucky; we just have one truck. This is going to be hard for some companies to recover.”

On Thursday, March 8, Eva Rees, supervisor of the consumer credit and compliance department for the Utah Department of Financial Institutions, told Land Line that her department has only received “three or four calls this week.” This is down from approximately 50 to 60 calls the prior week with complaints from TAB customers.

Eric Myers, director of marketing for TAB, said they plan to post updates on their website when fixes are made to the new computer system.

“We will continue to work with our customers to resolve any lingering issues related to the conversion,” Myers said.

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