UPDATE: Some trucking companies report TAB accounts still not fully functional

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 3/7/2012

As late as Tuesday, March 6, some small trucking businesses continued to have problems with their Flying J-TAB accounts. Transportation Alliance Bank of Ogden, UT, underwent a full computer system upgrade Feb. 26 that shut countless numbers of small-business truckers out of their accounts.

They were unable to buy fuel, withdraw funds, or even check their balances.

While some say they are now able to log in to their TAB accounts, others continue to have problems. Karen Hunt who handles the business end of Silver Trucking in Bassett, NE, was one of those trying to call the bank Monday morning.

She is the business manager of Silver Trucking and wife of the owner, Silver C. Hunt, who owns two businesses and has two trucks in each business.

Karen Hunt said Tuesday until she gets all the TAB problems resolved, she can’t put more money into her drivers’ fuel cards or pay them through the TAB account.

“The drivers can use their cards but I don’t have a lot of money in there, and I can’t transfer money. And I have a lot of drivers’ cards that their cards don’t show up so I can’t keep track of how much they’re getting. None of that is on my account yet. I was on the phone for two hours this morning,” she said. “Nobody answered the phone.”

She says this has been going on for Silver Trucking since Feb. 28.

“I got hold of somebody and a lady helped me get the account set up, but that’s all that’s happened,” she said. “The rest hasn’t been finished yet so that I can continue to transfer money into my account and get TCH checks for my drivers and stuff.”

She said the problem has been costly for Silver Trucking.

“I had to wire money to these individuals’ banks so they have money just to eat on and then I had to get lumper checks from a different company that costs more money.”

In an email, director of marketing Eric Myers for Transportation Alliance Bank said Monday that the bank is making good progress but still experiencing heavy call volume.

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