SPECIAL REPORT: Norfolk bomb scare was a hoax

| 12/30/2004

A phone call reporting that a bus was carrying a bomb or other destructive device on to the U.S. Navy base in Norfolk, VA, was false, media outlets reported today.

Two buses that were part of the Hampton Roads Transit system were stopped after the phoned-in threat. Some reports indicated the caller spoke about a bomb, while others indicated that the threat was a chemical weapon.

Police stopped the two buses, moved them to a nearby park and conducted a search. Some nearby buildings were evacuated, as was the area immediately surrounding the two buses.

However, no device was found on either vehicle, and law-enforcement officials were describing the event as a false alarm.

A large section of Hampton Boulevard leading to the base was closed. The Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot reported that law-enforcement officials also stopped traffic at the North Gate Road near Norfolk International Terminals. However, other port entrances were still open.

Newsday reported that an investigation of the incident involving the Norfolk Police Department, the Navy Special Forces Bomb Squad, the FBI and the Navy Criminal Investigative Service was under way.