SPECIAL REPORT: The Bozo retires; hands down popular late-night radio show to son

| 4/20/2004

North America's legendary radio truck show host, Dale Sommers, "The Truckin' Bozo," said this week that his April 15 radio broadcast was his last. Although the radio network has not officially issued a press release, Sommers issued a statement via his Web site (www.thebozo.com).

The typically straightforward message indicated the show would be continued by his son and current co-host, Steve Sommers. Steve has been with the show for seven years.

Sommers stated: "As of the morning of April 15, when I finished up my show, I did my last show in a career that covers 45 years. At the time, I didn't know it was my last show, but since my doctor had filed 'total disability' papers on me, I was prohibited from working any longer due to the fact that working could jeopardize my disability benefits."

Regular listeners to the show know that Sommers suffers from Addison’s Disease and is an insulin-dependent diabetic. He has been recovering from a critical bout with Addison’s Disease, during which he was hospitalized earlier this year.

"The 'suits' are trying to ascertain if I can just get on the air with Steve once in awhile and just say hi and talk to you as someone would do when they stop by to visit the old workplace after retirement,” Sommers’ statement read, advising listeners to watch the Web site for more details.

The Truckin' Bozo Radio Network offers a late-night blend of talk and country music. The show features stimulating dialog, with trucking callers and special guests. It emanates from flagship station 700 WLW-AM, a 50-kilowatt Clear Channel station in Cincinnati. The show is broadcast live from midnight to 5 a.m. (EDT) seven nights a week nationwide on its 12-station network. In addition, the show is carried nationally by XM Satellite Radio.

In March, Sommers celebrated his 20th anniversary hosting all-night radio for professional drivers.

He is a lifetime member and longtime supporter of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

--by Sandi Soendker, managing editor

Sandi Soendker can be reached at ooida@aol.com.