OOIDA NEWS: Association names Don Rondeau as security advisor

| 2/11/2008

Truckers have a new ally when it comes to safety and security on the road. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has appointed Don L. Rondeau as security advisor for the Association.

“A secure highway system is critical to our members’ livelihood and to our nation’s vitality,” said OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Rick Craig. “We are pleased to have an individual with such dedication and expertise on transportation security matters as a part of our team.”

Rondeau, who is currently the vice president of homeland security and emergency preparedness for Alion Science and Technology, will advise the Association on matters concerning homeland security as it relates to the nation’s highways.

He has served as a consultant for a variety of agencies and organizations on national security matters throughout his career. He is also the author of “Red Teaming: The Don L. Rondeau Method,” which chronicles his creation of an anti-terrorism development methodology to identify potential terrorist tactics and targets.

“I plan to advise and support the Association leaders in identifying opportunities that keep the driver community engaged in the security discussion,” said Rondeau. “I believe it’s vitally important to capitalize on the vast experience and knowledge of the professional driver.”