SPECIAL REPORT: DOT IG reports on cross-border trucking

| 9/4/2009

Friday, Sept. 4, 2009 – The Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made improvements in its program to monitor cross-border trucking from Mexico, but still has more work to do.

In a report on the DOT Web site, the IG reports that FMCSA has continually taken action to address the IG’s concerns and the August 2007 recommendations. But the IG also states concerns about inconsistencies in reporting traffic convictions of Mexican drivers, and about Mexican drivers holding two driver’s licenses so that they could continue to drive in the U.S. “after incurring a disqualifying traffic offense.”

The report also kept the pressure on FMCSA to continue monitoring Mexico’s commercial driver drug and alcohol testing program. The August 2007 IG’s report, raised concerns about Mexico’s specimen collection – because it was not clear whether the controls in place ensure that valid specimens are collected.

FMCSA agreed to establish an action plan to address the concerns and to audit the facilities.

The IG reported that “we plan to follow up on this area in future reports.”

This report is required under Section 350(c) of the FY 2002 Department of Transportation Appropriations Act.

FMCSA concurred with all five of the report’s recommendations for improvement and provided appropriate planned actions and target completion dates.

The follow-up was made available on Sept. 2. To read the full report, click here.