SPECIAL REPORT: Cross-border trucking program with Mexico

By Jami Jones, senior editor | 3/19/2009

It’s officially done. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has pulled the plug on the cross-border trucking program with Mexico.

In a notice posted in the Federal Register, FMCSA officials announced the termination of the demonstration project that allowed long-haul access to select Mexican motor carriers. While the notice was published Wednesday, March 18, the termination of the program was effective March 11.

Funding for the program was cut in the huge omnibus appropriations legislation that was signed into law on March 11.

In shutting the program down, FMCSA staffers are no longer processing applications for the program and revoked registration that was awarded to participants in the program.

The notice does not state how FMCSA officials plan to verify that the motor carriers cease operating beyond the commercial zones.

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