SPECIAL REPORT: FMCSA sets timeline, debunks CSA 2010 myths

| 5/28/2010

Friday, May 28, 2010 – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration took aim at some long-standing myths still rampant in the industry regarding CSA 2010 in the agency’s most recent announcements regarding the program.

One of the longest-standing myths is that FMCSA developed CSA 2010 to remove 175,000 drivers from the road. The agency took aim at that and three other big rumors plaguing CSA 2010 in a “Just the Facts” flyer.

The agency makes it clear that it does not have the authority to take away CDLs through CSA 2010.

“CSA 2010 does notgive FMCSA the authority to remove 175,000 drivers from their jobs and cannot be used to rate drivers or to revoke a CDL. FMCSA does not have the authority to take those actions. Only state agencies responsible for issuing licenses, CDL or otherwise, have the authority to suspend them. CSA 2010 does introduce a driver safety assessment tool to help enforcement staff evaluate drivers’ safety as part of motor carrier investigations,” agency officials stated in the flyer.

The agency also took aim at the third-party software purporting to give motor carriers an insider glimpse into CSA 2010 compliance. The agency even goes so far as to remind stakeholders that the program is still in development and third parties do not have access to the data.

“While some third-party vendors are developing and marketing CSA 2010 driver scorecards, consumers should know that these companies do not have access to the driver violation histories in FMCSA databases despite some claims that they do,” agency officials stated. “FMCSA has not and will not validate any vendors’ scorecards or data. Also, keep in mind that CSA 2010 is still a test and the SMS may change prior to its launch in response to the test results.”

Click here to read the complete flyer.

The agency also released the following updated timeline for the rollout of CSA 2010.

  • April 12-Nov. 30, 2010 – Motor carriers can preview their own data by seeing their roadside inspections/violations and crash events organized by behavior analysis and safety improvement category (BASIC).

Summer 2010

  • June 30 – The operational model (op-model) test will end.
  • July – The four “50/50” test states – Colorado, Georgia, Missouri and New Jersey – will join the five 100 percent test states in implementing the program.
  • August – Motor carriers will be able to see an assessment of their violations based on the new Carrier Safety Measurement System (CSMS) which will replace SafeStat later in 2010.

Fall/Winter 2010

  • SafeStat will be replaced by the CSMS. It will be available to the public, including shippers and insurance companies.
  • FMCSA/States will prioritize enforcement using the CSMS.
  • FMCSA will begin to issue warning letters to carriers with deficient BASICs.
  • Roadside inspectors will use the CSMS results to identify carriers for inspection.

Winter 2010

  • Safety fitness determination notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) is scheduled to be released.


  • Enforcement staff will be trained, and new interventions will be implemented state-by-state.