Land Line readers mainly turn to radio, CB for traffic info

| 12/2/2009

The radio, CB and “what I see in front of me” topped the list for how Land Line readers get their traffic updates.

“What I see in front of me” garnered 29 percent of the responses as of midday Wednesday, Dec. 2, while 27 percent of respondents answered “CB.”

Next was local radio with 17 percent, followed by the 15 percent who answered “Satellite radio.”

The poll asked readers to name their primary source for traffic information, so the responses do not reflect if there are multiple sources.

Small percentages said they relied primarily on the Internet, television and the 5-1-1 service.

Land Line conducted the poll on its Web site as the Government Accountability Office released a report to Congress concerning the proposed Real-Time System Management Information System being developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Back in January, the U.S. DOT issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to create the Real-Time System Management Information System to monitor traffic and travel conditions on major highways and to share that data with state and local governments and with the public in real time.

GAO acknowledged in its report that no matter who is gathering and sharing traffic information, the current systems contain information gaps. Experts surveyed for the GAO report could not come to a consensus about whether a federal information system would be effective in filling in the gaps.

– By David Tanner, staff writer