Daughter of OOIDA members prepares to restart national run

| 12/1/2009

Jasmine Jordan has resumed her run across America.

Jasmine, the 16-year-old daughter of OOIDA Members Lee and Paulette Jordan of Dalton, MN, began her cross-country trek in California in September. She conquered Arizona and much of New Mexico before a stress fracture in one foot forced her to take a month off.

Jazzy is running coast to coast to raise money for the St. Christopher Fund and to bring awareness to rising health care costs. The St. Christopher Fund helps truck drivers obtain medical procedures or equipment they couldn’t otherwise afford.

For more information, visit Jazzy’s Web site by clicking here.

Jasmine, who also goes by Jazzy, was midway through New Mexico in October when the pain required her to take time off and visit a doctor. The doctor subsequently ordered more than a month of rest.

Lee Jordan told Land Line Now that after being ordered not to run for a month, his daughter was ready to hit the road.

“She’s been very anxious. She’s been chomping at the bit since Nov. 19 when she was cleared by her doctor,” Lee said. “She was ready to get back out right away.”

Jazzy planned to resume the run Tuesday evening, Dec. 1.

Just before Thanksgiving while heading to Canada, Lee said he talked to a number of truckers on his CB who said they’ve been following Jasmine.

Lee said many truckers and OOIDA members have shown their support with messages and encouragement on Jazzy’s Facebook account.

“We thank all the truckers for her continued support during her time off,” Lee said. “It’s just nice to get back out there and raise more money for drivers.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer