CARB: Reefer enforcement won’t be delayed this time

| 11/20/2009

Truckers are hearing loads of rumors that CARB’s long-awaited reefer rule enforcement will be delayed, but the air quality agency denies it.

Sound familiar?

Last spring and summer, many truck driving message boards and radio shows discussed the possibility of CARB delaying its enforcement of the rule. CARB denied it adamantly, all the way up until it announced in July it would delay enforcement – only two weeks before enforcement was scheduled to begin.

This time, CARB says it is sticking to its amended enforcement date of Dec. 31.

Trucks that haul reefers in California have until Dec. 31, 2009, to meet the equipment portion of the state’s “In-Use Performance Standards” for 2001 and older reefers.

CARB said enforcement of in-use performance standards will begin in January 2010 for all model year 2002 and older reefers.

The state requires all in-state motor carriers to sign up with CARB’s TRU registry. California-based truck owners can register online through California’s Air Resources Board Equipment Registration system available at For OOIDA’s summary of CARB regulations, click here.

Joe Rajkovacz, OOIDA regulatory affairs specialist, said he isn’t surprised recent CARB rumors have forced the air quality agency to respond.

“CARB created this mess themselves,” Rajkovacz said. “CARB bowed to in-state political pressure to move the enforcement date last summer. Now they’re telling us, ‘Oh, this time it’s for real.’ I can see why people don’t believe it.”

Rajkovacz said he believes the December enforcement plan will stick.

“If CARB is to be believed, this time they really, really, truly mean it,” Rajkovacz said. “Really.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer