Truck weight blitz this week in Oregon

| 11/18/2009

For 72 hours starting Wednesday, Nov. 18, the Oregon Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Division will be weighing trucks around the clock on Interstate 5.

DOT staff is conducting the blitz to enforce weight laws and to educate truckers about unevenly distributed loads, expired permits and other common mistakes.

“Although our staff performs this type of work every day, intensive operations like this help reinforce the message that weight and safety compliance are our top priority,” Ed Scrivner, ODOT motor carrier field services manager, said in a statement.

Enforcement activities also help preserve highways and bridges, he said.

Officers weighed 2,072,855 trucks on static scales in 2008, officials said. An additional 1,481,278 trucks were weighed in-motion at highway speed by the Green Light weigh station pre-clearance system. Since 2001, officers have weighed nearly 12 million trucks.

Oregon charges a weight-mile tax on commercial vehicles instead of a fuel tax. Proceeds go into the road and bridge fund.

“Although the majority of trucking companies operating on Oregon’s highways abide by Oregon law and have compliance-conscious drivers, an intensive enforcement event like this can help identify those who are not,” Scrivner stated.

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