CSA: The labels

| 3/16/2010

Motor carriers know the value of the current “satisfactory” safety rating. Customers get itchy when they see a “conditional” or “unsatisfactory” rating.

While the names will change, the meaning will pretty much remain the same. Under CSA 2010, motor carriers will be ranked by “continue to operate,” “marginal” and “unfit.”

The big change on this from the current enforcement scheme is that right now safety fitness determination is assigned following compliance reviews. FMCSA is planning to issue a rulemaking that will change all of that.

Where the current method relies heavily on critical and acute violations and required deficiencies in multiple areas, the new method will arrive at a safety fitness determination using all the data collected – including from roadside inspections.

It’s FMCSA’s intent for the new process to be a reflection of the motor carrier’s current compliance, and not how the motor carrier fared in compliance reviews months or even years before.