OOIDA: Recent business seminar the best yet

| 11/6/2009

A recently completed business seminar at OOIDA, designed to help truckers design business plans and succeed under their own operating authority, was the best to date according to the instructors.

Research Assistant Denise Volmer assisted OOIDA Foundation Director Tom Weakley with the seminar held Oct. 27-29 at OOIDA headquarters in Grain Valley, MO. She reported that attendance was maxed out at 30 students.

“That’s up a bit more than we’ve seen in the past,” she said. “We limit the class size to 30 so there’s a chance for one-on-one.”

Volmer presented information to the class about cost of operation and assisted students in calculating cost per mile.

“We talked a lot about what needs to go into a business plan, and how to figure cost of operations and cost per mile,” she said.

That helps truckers know more about rates and whether they should take a load or not. Students saw value in that, she said.

“We got a lot of positive feedback. There were some folks that said it caused them to look at it in a different light. They said ‘this is my business, I control it,’ and it puts them in a position of power,” she added.

Specialists from various OOIDA departments lent their expertise to the seminar, the Association’s sixth such class.

New for this seminar were a unit on loss prevention and a unit on the new CSA 2010 compliance reviews.

“We focus a lot on compliance reviews,” Volmer said. “With CSA 2010 rolling out, we have to give them a framework about what to expect and what they need.”

Each student, by signing up for the seminar, became an OOIDA member to have access to the Association’s many services, and each one was provided with materials to help them carry their knowledge into the field.

– By David Tanner, staff writer