Trucker found fatally shot in rig in Moreno Valley, CA

| 11/5/2009

A truck driver was found fatally shot in his rig while parked at a dirt lot in Moreno Valley, CA, early Wednesday morning, Nov. 4.

Moreno Valley Police Sgt. Jamie Briones said the department still hasn’t released the name of the 56-year-old trucker who was shot “multiple times in the back.”

“Right now, we are treating this as a criminal homicide that occurred yesterday morning in the city of Moreno Valley,” Briones told Land Line Now.

The slain trucker drove for KLLM Transport, and he was parked in a dirt lot where Briones said that “periodically truckers do park their rigs for overnight stays.”

Briones said the department has no leads at this time, but that there’s evidence that “some things were taken from the front compartment portion of the truck,” but not from the load itself.

“At this point we do not have any leads and we are certainly asking the public for any information they may have regarding this investigation.”

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer

Reed Black contributed to this report