CVSA Operation Safe Driver planned for Oct. 18-24

| 10/15/2009

Each year approximately 40,000 people die on the roadways throughout North America – many as a direct result of unsafe and aggressive driving by both passenger and commercial vehicle drivers. Nearly 5,000 of the fatalities are related to large trucks and buses. 

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, state and local law enforcement, and industry launched a new campaign in 2007, which was dubbed Operation Safe Driver.

Oct. 18-24 will be the 2009 campaign of Operation Safe Driver.

The program is a selective traffic enforcement program that emphasizes CMV and non-CMV driver-focused enforcement in high-crash corridors with high traffic volumes, moving violations, driver infractions and aggressive driving behaviors.

It also has educational and outreach components to it. The program builds upon unique and innovative approaches such as TACT (Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks) and other initiatives, which have proven to be successful at combating the number of deaths in crashes involving large trucks and buses with passenger vehicles.

This year CVSA is expanding the program’s educational activities to include seminars, webinars, podcasts, op-eds, paid media, training, a specialized “Teens & Trucks” Training Program, and a video PSA to complement the existing outreach materials.

CVSA is also encouraging industry to get actively involved in promoting positive and proactive driver safety messages throughout the week to promote safe driving behaviors.

“The campaign works because of the support it receives from FMCSA, state, provincial and local law enforcement, industry, associations and others, but we need more help to make it even more successful,” said CVSA’s Director of Policy and Programs Stephen A. Keppler.

“Operation Safe Driver focuses enforcement resources on these high-risk operators and on problem behaviors by all drivers that contribute to large truck crashes, while at the same time offering educational tools to the motoring public at large, especially higher-risk segments, on how to drive more safely around trucks and buses.”

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