All that’s fit to print (and regulate): CARB starts Q-and-A column

| 10/9/2009

Truckers firing up their morning coffee and Wi-Fi to read the latest news have another information outlet to check – and it’s straight from the regulatory agency’s office.

The California Air Resources Board announced this week it is launching a new question and answer column to address diesel emissions regulations.

CARB – famous for its restrictive rules on idling, reefers, and aerodynamic retrofits – says the monthly column will explain upcoming deadlines for trucking regulations.

“This regular feature will offer a great opportunity for truckers to learn not only the details of our trucking regulations, but also the reasons they have been adopted,” CARB Chief of Heavy Duty Diesel In-Use Strategies said in a statement. “California leads the nation in its efforts to clean up air quality, and truckers play a vital role in making that happen.”

CARB invited truckers to e-mail questions to its “Truckin’ News Q and A” column to

As of Friday, the agency had not announced plans for any section of its Web site to include the phrase “10-4 good buddy.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer