Shell amps up engine protection with new oil lineup

| 10/2/2009

Truckers who have been confused by the seemingly endless options of motor oils will breathe a sigh of relief at Shell’s new approach to its oil lineup.

In an effort to streamline oil selections, Shell moved its line of Rotella oil to a CJ-4 rating – which can be used in any 2010 and older truck. The company will also be eliminating its Quaker State and Pennzoil diesel engine motor oils.

The Shell “Ladder of Protection” will offer five different motor oils that essentially step up in engine protection and fuel savings.

Starting with the full conventional blend Rotella T1, progressing through the Rotella T3 and Rotella Triple protection, the line will include a synthetic blend with the Rotella T5 up to a full synthetic with the Rotella T6.

The top three – the T6, T5 and Triple – will be offered as Shell’s preminum heavy-duty engine oils. The T5 is touted to offer superior fuel savings with a 1.6 percent fuel savings compared with the Rotella T line. The T6 offering touts a 1.5 percent fuel savings.

In addition, the oil lineup was reformulated with Shell’s proprietary “Energized Protection,” which incorporates adaptive molecules and viscosity modifiers. In simple terms these molecules and modifiers can collect, adapt, move around and even expand to offer more protection where needed through various engine demands and temperature conditions.