Love’s in Ormond Beach prepares for Biketoberfest

| 9/23/2009

Love’s No. 316 in Ormond Beach, FL, will offer “Fuel and Go” to truckers during Biketoberfest, Oct. 15-18.

Daytona Harley Davidson, which is a major participant in Biketoberfest, is also right next door to the Ormond Beach Love’s. Increased traffic volume for truckers waiting to fuel combined with the significant influx of cars, trucks and bikes during the event has in the past caused traffic jams to the point that the State Police have had to close the exit off Interstate 95/U.S. Highway 1.

To ensure truckers will still be able to fuel up and continue to use the exit, Love’s has advised there will be no long-term truck parking available at the Ormond Beach location during Biketoberfest.

A media advisory issued by Love’s says the company understands and apologizes for the inconvenience the temporary parking change causes for professional truck drivers. Therefore, the company is issuing advanced notice to help prepare drivers to make alternate plans for long-term parking that week.

The Ormond Beach Love’s implements a similar “Fuel and Go” policy during Bike Week in March.