World’s Largest Truck Convoy – three more events roll on Saturday

| 9/9/2009

This coming Saturday, Sept. 12, truckers in Manitoba, Kansas and Utah will participate in the World’s Largest Truck Convoy to benefit Special Olympics.

Truckers in Manitoba will convoy around the Perimeter Highway of Winnipeg at 11 a.m. on Saturday. To participate, please click here or call 888-333-9179 for more information.

Stateside truckers can roll with convoys in Kansas or Utah, which are also happening this Saturday.

The Kansas convoy begins at the Mitten TA Travel Plaza at 10 a.m. Registration information and more details are found here or by calling Joe Mentlick at 785-443-1682.

Utah truckers will start their convoy at noon from DATS Trucking in North Salt Lake. Additional information and registration forms are located here, or you can call Lyn Rees at 801-860-2179.

Louisiana will also hold an early convoy on Sept. 19. Click here for details of that event.

Other participating states and Canadian provinces will have their convoys on Sept, 19, Sept. 26 and Oct. 3.

For a complete list of all participating states and provinces, visit the World’s Largest Truck Convoy section of the Special Olympics Website.
Last year 1,700 truckers participated in convoys in the U.S. and Canada and raised more than $643,000 for the Special Olympics.

–  By Kerry Evans-Spillman, Land Line staff