Shooting victims say they saw juveniles with guns on bridge in Ohio

| 12/5/2003

An Akron, OH, couple has reported that they saw a group of juveniles on an overpass when their horse trailer was shot at Aug. 31, media outlets reported.

One of the juveniles, the couple said, had a gun.

Twelve shootings have taken place in and around Columbus, OH, since May. Authorities now believe that all 12 shootings at or near the southwestern part of I-270, a loop highway surrounding Columbus, are linked.

Only one bullet hit a human target. It struck and killed local resident Gail Knisley Nov. 25, just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Knisley was riding in the car of a friend who was taking her to see a doctor. A pickup truck was hit just a few hours later nearby. Other bullets have hit a school and other cars.

At least three commercial motor vehicles have been hit by bullets, according to police and press reports: a Yellow Freight truck, a UPS delivery truck and a Coca-Cola truck.

The couple with the horse trailer did not report their incident until after Knisley's death, press reports said.

Police are moving closer to solving the case. While they would not release many details, they have now received more than 880 tips, and they have linked the bullets from four of the shootings through ballistics.