Truck driver cited after taking corpse on 24-hour ride

| 8/22/2008

Sheriff’s deputies cited a Texas truck driver Thursday, Aug. 21, for taking a dead woman along with him on his route across the Lone Star State.

According to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, the 31-year-old truck driver took a woman’s body along with him from the Houston area Monday evening to northern Texas and back, ending up Tuesday at a Houston-area bar where he told a bar patron about the body.

That person called the sheriff’s department, who found the body late Tuesday night in the driver’s sleeper.

The dead woman was later identified as Lisa Villegas, 42. The Houston Chronicle reported earlier this week that the trucker told sheriff’s deputies that the woman had asked him for help, saying that she had been assaulted.

The trucker allowed the woman to get into his cab and offered her a soda. She then went into convulsions and died of an apparent drug overdose. An autopsy of Villegas’ body showed no signs of trauma, but did reveal numerous needle marks.

Collin Allen Prewitt, the trucker, was ticketed for removal of a body from a death scene.