Idling OK in Dallas, if you do it right

| 8/21/2008

There’s no need to skip the Great American Trucking Show just because of the new anti-idling reg in Dallas. There’s a big exception to the rule.

The regulation, which local officials started enforcing in April, allows truckers to idle their trucks beyond the five-minute limit if they are complying with the hours of service regulations.

Here’s the exemption straight from Subsection 114.517 of Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code as adopted by Dallas: The provisions of this title, relating to Control Requirements for Motor Vehicle Idling, do not apply to ...

“(12) a motor vehicle when idling is necessary to power a heater or air conditioner while a driver is using the vehicle’s sleeper berth for a government-mandated rest period and is not within two miles of a facility offering external heating and air conditioning connections at a time when those connections are available. This subsection expires September 1, 2009.”

So, if you’re in your truck on a rest break, the Dallas regulation allows you to idle your truck. Leaving it unattended for more than five minutes? In order to be in compliance with the reg, you have to turn it off.

Click here to read the entire regulation.