Louisville trucking company closes its doors

| 8/20/2008

Citing a multimillion dollar lawsuit and a lack of government support, a Louisville, KY, trucking company is closing its doors for good. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that C.W. Johnson Xpress has shut down its operations, putting 146 people out of work.

The lawsuit was filed by Branch Banking & Trust, which claimed that the company owed the bank $8.3 million in loans. The company has not paid any principal or interest since February of this year, the bank’s officials said.

Owner Charlie Johnson said in a news conference Tuesday, Aug. 19, that he started the company to give jobs to those who had otherwise been denied work, such as those with criminal records. The drivers were put in a training program that had initially received funding from the state, but that funding eventually dried up.

Johnson blamed a lack of support from state and federal officials, in addition to high fuel prices and a dropoff in business, for the company’s failure.