New Jersey changing overweight permitting process, delays expected

| 8/7/2008

New Jersey is moving toward implementation of an automated overweight permit application process, but until the system is fully operation next summer, it could take two to three days to get your permits.

The first interim step in moving toward full automation of the permitting process will begin Monday, Aug. 11. New Jersey will begin “routing” of overweight single trip permits at that time, according to information provided by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

In addition to the normal vehicle information supplied during the permitting process, starting Aug. 11 the state will require information regarding axle spacing and weight configuration, along with a description of the route that the overweight vehicle will be taking.

Truckers won’t have to do anything different to apply for the overweight permits. Applications will be submitted through services or in person to the DOT as they always have been. Truckers may just have to supply additional information pertaining to routes.

Once the route is approved, it will become part of the permit issued by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

During the transition to the new system, truckers can expect permits to take two to three days, according to the information provided by the DOT.

The state is not changing the permit application process for overdimension loads at this time.

– By Jami Jones, senior editor