Trucking firm, bottled water company fined for emissions violations

| 7/30/2008

A trucking company and a major bottled water maker recently agreed to pay thousands of dollars for violating air quality standards in California.

Don E. Keith Transportation has been fined $9,750 by the California Air Resources Board for diesel truck emission violations that occurred in 2005.

A CARB fleet audit found the company hadn’t been inspecting their heavy-duty diesel vehicles annually, as required by California law.

Also, CARB recently fined DS Waters of America, Inc., $74,000 for violating California clean air laws.

Specifically, CARB blamed DS Waters – a bottled water company headquartered in Atlanta – for failing to inspect its fleet of diesel trucks or to document such inspections.

“Shrewd business owners carry out regular inspections and ensure employees are up-to-speed on clean air requirements,” CARB Chairman Mary Nichols said in a written statement. “The penalties for not doing so can cost a business money and their reputation.”