New Louisiana laws aid red-light runners, tighten teen-driving rules

| 7/21/2008

Two new laws in Louisiana are intended to limit the effects of red-light running violations and tighten driving requirements for teens.

Gov. Bobby Jindal signed into law a bill that prohibits red-light citations generated by enforcement cameras from being recorded as part of individuals’ driving records for insurance purposes. Previously SB74, the new rule takes effect Aug. 15.

Another bill signed into law by the governor modifies the state’s rules on licensing requirements for young drivers. It takes effect Jan. 1.

Louisiana law now allows some 14-year-olds to take drivers’ education classes. Previously SB465, the new law sets the minimum age at 15.

At least eight hours of behind-the-wheel training will be required in drivers’ education classes. Existing rules mandate six hours of driver training.

The 30 hours of classroom instruction already required for teens will not be changed.

Parents or guardians also will be required to sign statements attesting that their prospective drivers have received 35 hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience with licensed adults before the teen can apply for an intermediate license. The license allows young motorists to drive during certain hours of the day or with a more experienced driver in the vehicle.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor