National average price for diesel drops 4.6 cents to $4.71 per gallon

| 7/21/2008

In recent weeks, it seems like truckers have been playing the guessing game when figuring up their fuel costs before every load as the national average price for diesel continues to fluctuate up a few cents then back down a few cents.

That’s been the case again this past week as the price dropped 4.6 cents per gallon to average $4.718, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported on Monday, July 21.

This is still up more than $1.829 per gallon more for diesel than the same time period in 2007.

All nine regions are reporting price decreases at the pump, which comes a week after all regions reported increases of at least 2.3 cents per gallon for diesel.

While the California region still has the highest average price for diesel – at $4.964 – it is also reporting the most significant decrease of all the regions at 6.2 cents for fuel. The West Coast region is reporting a drop of 6.1 cents per gallon to average $4.855 for diesel.

The Lower Atlantic region is reporting a dip of 4.8 cents to average $4.734 per gallon, while the average price for diesel dropped 4.5 cents per gallon to $4.787 on the East Coast.

The on-average price has dropped 4.4 cents per gallon to $4.661 for diesel in the Midwest, while the average price has gone down 4.3 cents per gallon to $4.872 in the Central Atlantic region.

The Gulf Coast region is reporting a drop of 3.2 cents per gallon to average $4.707, while fuel has gone down about 2 cents per gallon to average $4.869 in the New England region.

The Rocky Mountain region is reporting the slightest decrease of all the regional averages for the week, dropping only four-tenths of a cent to average $4.719.