Windsor-Detroit tunnel sale on hold

| 7/15/2008

The City Council in Windsor, Ontario, has backed out of negotiations with the city of Detroit to buy Detroit’s half of the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. Windsor officials told the Ontario government Friday, July 11, to put its loan application for $75 million on hold.

The Windsor Star reported that Windsor leaders have been trying to negotiate with both the Detroit City Council and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Windsor City Council members were alarmed after Detroit City Council members voted to take the first step toward the sale – only to then say they still opposed finalizing the deal.

The Detroit News, meanwhile, reported that Windsor City Council members are also concerned that the Detroit government is too fractured to go ahead with the deal, partly because of Kilpatrick’s felony case and an FBI bribery probe of City Council members and other city officials.

Among other things, the mayor has been charged with perjury for allegedly lying about paying money to police officers to keep them from making public the incriminating information they have on him.