FHWA selects I-95 and I-5 for truck parking grants

| 7/10/2008

Technology will play a bigger role in helping truckers find parking spaces in two of the nation’s busiest interstate corridors.

Federal Highway Administration officials have selected Interstate 95 on the East Coast and Interstate 5 on the West Coast to split an $11 million grant for a program designed to transmit real-time information to truckers about available parking spaces, FHWA Acting Administrator Jim Ray announced Wednesday, July 9.

I-95 and I-5 are designated as “Corridors of the Future” by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which gives them priority for funds within programs involving congestion relief.

“Instead of hunting for parking and adding to traffic problems, truckers can know when spots are vacant to plan their stops and time the delivery of goods into major cities,” Ray stated in a press release.

Officials in both corridors hope to develop technology to help truckers reserve spaces ahead of time, Ray said.

According to the FHWA, truck traffic averages 10,000 per day on I-95 and peaks at 31,000 per day. Average daily truck traffic on I-5 is near 10,000 per day with a peak of 35,000 per day.

Combined, the two corridors make up 10 percent of interstate truck traffic, officials said.