Long Beach port buys 300 new trucks for $35 million

| 7/8/2008

The Port of Long Beach has placed a $35 million order for 300 brand-new heavy-duty trucks as part of its plan to replace thousands of older, more polluting drayage trucks. One hundred of the new trucks will run on liquid natural gas, and the others are clean-burning diesel models.

The port will lease the trucks to companies that have been approved to operate at the port.

“Beginning Oct. 1, we’re banning some of the oldest trucks – the 1988 and older trucks,” said port spokesman Art Wong. “Just to make sure that those drivers have an opportunity to replace their trucks before that deadline, we’ve preordered these trucks so the priority for these trucks will be to replace those very old trucks.”

As Wong said, on Oct. 1 trucks with 1988 or earlier model-year engines will be outlawed at the Port of Long Beach. And by 2012 all trucks that were built in 2006 or earlier will be banned.

The port, meanwhile, will continue to buy more new, low-emission trucks to replace the older fleets.

– By Reed Black, staff writer