Global fuel protests continue

| 7/2/2008

Fuel protests by truckers around the world continued on Wednesday, July 2.

In India, The Associated Press reported, literally millions of truckers went on strike to protest rising fuel prices and rising toll road charges.

The Indian government regulates fuel prices – and has raised prices by 17 percent this year. Truck drivers in India make very little compared to company drivers in the U.S. Indian truckers could literally earn the equivalent of several years of income after just driving a few months in the U.S.

The union representing nearly 5 million truckers in India wants lower diesel fuel taxes and a roll-back of toll increases.

Meanwhile, in Britain, hundreds of angry truckers descended on London to demand that the government cut the price of fuel.

In New Zealand, truckers plan to drive convoys into the major cities on Friday, July 4, to protest a sudden increase of up to 10 percent in road user charges ordered by the government.