Truckers, motorcyclists overseas protest fuel costs

| 7/1/2008

Truckers in several countries overseas have resumed their protests of high diesel fuel prices, and motorcyclists in Scotland have also gotten into the act.

The Associated Press reported that in France truckers are using a combination of blockades and slow-moving convoys to tie up traffic. Their union leaders say that 40 separate protests are being conducted around the country.

In Australia, a convoy of about 100 trucks slowed down traffic on a major highway Tuesday, July 1. Most of the truckers are owner-operators, but they belong to a union that has threatened a nationwide shut-down on July 27 if their demands – which include fuel compensation – aren’t met. The price of diesel in Australia is about $7.40 a gallon.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, about 300 motorcyclists rode in a protest convoy over the weekend. A spokesman said the bikers are “fed up” with the high price of gas.

And in Lincolnshire, England, trucks took part recently in a fuel price protest convoy along some of the region's busiest roads. The protest organizer told the BBC News that the trucking industry, for maybe five years, has been asking the government to reduce the tax on fuel.