Fuel thieves hit Washington trucking companies, Florida storage tanks

| 6/30/2008

Rising gas and diesel prices have sparked some creative forms of theft recently.

Owners of some Washington state trucking companies reportedly believe someone may be using stolen company fuel cards, and stockpiling diesel to be sold in the black market.

Northwest Cable News has reported that stolen fuel cards have been used to rack up nearly $100,000 in fuel purchases at a Petro station in Kent, WA. Authorities believe an underground network could be working together to steal the fuel for personal use or resale.

A separate case from Florida involves thieves taking 1,000 gallons of diesel at a time from a rural storage tank.

According to the Vero Press Journal newspaper, a 1,000-gallon remote fuel tank near cattle and citrus trees in St. Lucie County, FL, has been hit multiple times recently, even after a fence and tire spikes were installed in early June.

“It just can’t be a guy in a pick-up truck that goes and steals 1,000 gallons worth of fuel,” Mascara told the Press Journal. “This has to be a concerted effort between one or two individuals. … Whoever is doing this has put some thought to it.”