National diesel average dips three-tenths of a cent to $4.645

| 6/30/2008

For the second week in a row, the national average for diesel has dropped slightly – three-tenths of a cent – to put the national average price at $4.645 a gallon, the U.S. Energy Information Administration is reporting on Monday, June 30.

The national average is still up more than $1.816 from this same time period a year ago.

Five of the nine EIA regions are reporting decreases in diesel prices this past week. Last week, all nine regions reported a decrease in pump prices.

The California region is reporting the largest increase of the week, up six-tenths of a cent to an average of $4.928. The same region, which still has the highest fuel prices of all the regions, had the second-highest decrease of 4.7 cents a gallon for diesel a week ago.

Fuel is up one-tenth of a cent in the Gulf Coast region to average $4.608 a gallon this past week. Last week, the same region reported the largest drop of 5.5 cents a gallon.

The Lower Atlantic and West Coast regions are reporting one-tenth of a cent increases in fuel prices this week. Diesel is selling for $4.659 in the Lower Atlantic and at $4.823 on the West Coast.

The Rocky Mountain region is reporting the largest decrease in the price of fuel this past week, dropping 1.7 cents a gallon to average $4.642 a gallon. Last week, the region reported a drop of 3.3 cents a gallon.

Slight increases of 1.1 cents a gallon have been reported in the New England and Central Atlantic regions. The cost for diesel is averaging around $4.822 in New England and around $4.825 in the Central Atlantic region.

While the price has dropped three-tenths of a cent to average $4.583 in the Midwest region, the East Coast region is also reporting a slight decrease for the second week in a row at the pump – a drop of two-tenths of a cent – to average $4.723 a gallon.