EPA grants LoneStar certification with SmartWay program

| 6/27/2008

The new International LoneStar recently joined an elite group of Class 8 trucks with the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay certification.

LoneStar, introduced in February as a fuel-efficient “advanced classic” truck, joins the International ProStar in the International family of trucks, with this environmental designation.

In recent wind tunnel testing, the LoneStar proved to be as aerodynamic as competitors’ most stream-lined trucks, and LoneStar is far more aerodynamic than other “classic” trucks, according to a Navistar International press release announcing the certification.

The SmartWay program is a voluntary partnership between freight industry sectors and the EPA, which establishes recognition and incentives for fuel efficiency improvements and reductions to greenhouse gas emissions. Eligibility for the SmartWay truck certification is based on a comprehensive set of fuel-saving, low-emission equipment specifications for new Class 8 long-haul tractors.