XM-Sirius merger appears on FCC’s action list

| 6/23/2008

The Federal Communications Commission has added the proposed merger of the XM and Sirius satellite radio companies to the commission’s master to-do list.

On Tuesday, June 17, the FCC added the proposed merger to its list of items pending action by the full commission. The proposal has yet to be added to a specific FCC monthly docket.

The satellite radio companies agreed in February 2007 to merge and create a $13-billion company.

Many people and groups have weighed in about the merger. U.S. Department of Justice officials completed their investigation in mid-March, concluding that a merger would not stand in the way of competition among broadcasting companies.

The FCC has the final say about the proposed transaction.

Satellite radio subscribers, meanwhile, have wondered what a merger would do to their service plans and equipment. Company officials assure them that consumers will have choices for equipment and programming if they want to receive both services.

Both XM and Sirius offer music, news, talk, sports and specialty programming, including shows for truckers.