National average price of diesel drops 4.4 cents; protests continue

| 6/23/2008

While high fuel prices continue to hammer truckers, there may be some good news in sight for truckers at the pump. The U.S. Energy Information Administration is reporting a drop of 4.4-cents a gallon to put the national average at $4.648 for diesel on Monday, June 23.

The national average is still up more than $1.813 from this same time period a year ago.

All nine EIA regions are reporting decreases in diesel prices, including the Gulf Coast region, which has seen the largest drop of 5.5 cents a gallon in fuel prices to put the price at $4.605.

The California region is reporting the second-highest decrease of 4.7 cents a gallon to average $4.922, while the East Coast, New England and Midwest regions are all reporting decreases of 4.3 cents a gallon for diesel. The cost is averaging $4.725 a gallon in the East Coast region, while the average price for a gallon of fuel is around $4.658 in the Lower Atlantic region and the average price is around $4.586 in the Midwest.

The Central Atlantic region is showing a 4.2 cent a gallon decrease in the cost of diesel, while the average price has dropped 3.9 cents a gallon for fuel on the West Coast to average $4.822.

In the Rocky Mountain region, fuel prices have dropped 3.3 cents a gallon to average $4.659 a gallon, while the New England region is reporting the lowest decrease of 2 cents a gallon to average $4.833 for diesel.

Truckers on both coasts have been staging protests to bring media and lawmakers’ attention to the fact that high fuel prices are crippling their livelihoods.

In Chehalis, WA, approximately 31 trucks and 52 people turned out on Saturday, June 20, to protest fuel prices as many struggle to pay their fuel bills to keep their trucks running. Although OOIDA member Sherrie Bond would have preferred a larger turnout, she said she wasn’t surprised that many truckers choose to stay home.

Bond said truckers at the rally were “very discouraged” with the fuel cost situation.

“For months, truckers out here have been fighting to keep their trucks and keep their homes. Many are having to choose between fuel and food, and some just couldn’t afford the added expense to come here and protest with us.”

In Harrisburg, PA, truckers and OOIDA members convoyed to the Capitol on Monday, June 23, to protest the leasing of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and proposed tolling of Interstate 80.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer