Six trucks hit by gunfire in Florida

| 6/23/2008

Sheriff’s officers in St. Johns County, FL, just south of Jacksonville, say they have no suspects yet in a series of sniper attacks on tractor-trailers on Interstate-95.

Three trucks were hit Thursday night, June 19, including a gasoline tanker that spewed about 50 gallons of gas onto the shoulder before the bullet hole could be plugged.

Another trucker said he heard a loud “bang” and discovered a bullet hole in the door of his cab when he pulled over.

Three other truckers didn’t even realize their rigs had been hit until they noticed bullet holes when they stopped.

Sgt. Chuck Mulligan of the Sheriff’s Department told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that they’ve increased patrols on that stretch of I-95 and are testing several high-velocity rounds that were recovered.

As of Monday, no one was in custody and the motive for the shootings was unknown.

Mulligan said they don’t know if they’re dealing with some teenager who thinks it’s fun to shoot at moving vehicles or with someone who has something against the trucking industry.

He said so far as they know there have been no other sniper attacks since Thursday night.

– Staff Writer Reed Black contributed to this report.