American bargain hunters cause diesel shortage in Tijuana

| 6/20/2008

Fuel stations in Tijuana are in the midst of a severe diesel shortage as drivers from the U.S. have begun crossing the border looking for cheaper fuel.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the problem began last weekend when U.S. drivers flooded across the border, causing some stations to begin restricting sales to their regular customers.

That led to long lines and shortages as station owners tried to provide enough fuel for public transportation and for trucks shipping goods to and from the town. Many stations in the border town have run out of diesel altogether.

A ship from Pemex, which is Mexico’s government-owned oil company, was expected to arrive sometime over the weekend. Fueling stations in the area are not connected to a pipeline, and can only receive fuel by ship.

Because of Mexican government subsidies, diesel in Tijuana is selling for about $2.20 a gallon, compared with more than $5 per gallon in the San Diego area.