Police in Georgia add fuel surcharge to traffic tickets

| 6/19/2008

Drivers who get a speeding ticket in Georgia could soon be paying for more than just the fine.

USA Today reported that the Police Department in Holly Springs – a suburb of Atlanta – is going to add a fuel surcharge to all speeding tickets issued by city police.

Beginning July 1, anyone caught speeding in Holly Springs will have to pay an additional $12 to cover the fuel costs for the police who stop them. The City Council approved the measure by a 13-0 vote.

Police Chief Ken Ball said he expects the fees will bring in as much as $26,000 dollars a year for the town of 7,700 people.

Mayor Timothy Downing told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he hopes the extra revenue will be enough to cover the rising costs of fuel.

“We didn’t foresee any of these monumental gas increases,” he said.

“We didn’t do anything wrong,” Downing said. “We set a goal. We’re responding now to the market pressures.”

And it’s not stopping there. The City Council in Atlanta cited Holly Springs as an example and enacted a similar measure. Speeders there will be charged anywhere from $10 to $15 dollars per ticket as a fuel surcharge.