Truckers protest fuel prices abroad

| 6/10/2008

The record high price of fuel is sparking protests around the world. Reuters reported Tuesday, June 10, that long lines were forming at Spanish and Portuguese supermarkets as trucking strikes triggered fears that people could run out of fresh food in days.

In Spain, a strike by an estimated 90,000 truckers began earlier this week. Truckers have blocked roads and the French border, prompting protest actions to spread to Portugal.

According to the Agence France-Presse, police in Portugal reported a Portuguese truck driver was killed north of Lisbon, as he tried to stop a truck at a road block set up by truckers protesting against high fuel prices.

At the border with France, truckers smashed the windshields of foreign trucks trying to enter Spain.

In France, the transportation minister is calling on the private operators of toll roads to give truckers a break by moderating toll increases.

News outlets reported that on Monday, June 9, truckers in South Korea voted to strike later this week unless the government comes through with assistance.

In Kashmir, police used water canons and batons on Monday to disperse government workers who were protesting gas prices.