North Carolina proposes five-minute idling limit; solicits comments

| 6/4/2008

Trucks in North Carolina that weigh 10,000 pounds or greater would be banned from idling beyond five minutes per hour under a recently proposed state rule.

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Air Quality is accepting public comment on the rule until June 20.

Comments may be sent to:
            North Carolina Division of Air Quality
            1641 Mail Service Center
            Raleigh, NC 27699-1641

The agency’s phone number is (919) 733-3340, and e-mail comments may be sent to

Under the proposed rule, truck operators would be limited to idling five minutes per hour, although exemptions include idling to power heat and A/C during federally mandated rest time, truck maintenance, or for power takeoff for reefers and other devices.

Also, trucks with 2008 or later manufacture year engines that meet the “California clean idle” standard of 30 grams of oxides of nitrogen per idling hour would be exempt.

For more information, visit the division of air quality’s Web site at