Trans-Texas Corridor draws 27,000 public comments

| 6/3/2008

Many in the great state of Texas have a lot to say about a proposed network of toll roads and railway lines known as the Trans-Texas Corridor.

The Texas Department of Transportation received more than 27,000 public comments during a three-month comment period on a proposed corridor project called the TTC-69, said TxDOT spokesman Mark Cross.

Transportation officials had 47 public hearings in February and March and accepted written comments through April 18 on the environmental and social impact of the corridor.

Comments ranged from flat-out opposition to the corridor to suggestions about how to lessen its impact, Cross told Land Line on Tuesday, June 3.

“We have to provide the comments with our own environmental analysis to the Federal Highway Administration so they too can evaluate all of those comments,” Cross said. “They base their decision on whether or not to approve the environmental analysis of the project based on all of that evaluation – the evaluation of our work and the evaluation of the comments received.”

The TTC-69 leg of the proposed corridor would create a new Interstate 69 from the Brownsville area in South Texas to Texarkana, AR, and/or the Louisiana border near Stonewall, LA.

Click here to view links to TxDOT’s corridor maps. TxDOT has yet to narrow down a precise route for the TTC-69 within its study corridor.

Texas Transportation Commission Chairwoman Deirdre Delisi, appointed to the position in April by Gov. Rick Perry, made a statement in a press release Thursday, May 29, concerning the state’s tolling principles. She said the commission and TxDOT continue to take public input seriously.

“The commission’s action (Thursday) reflects the comments we have received from Texas drivers, legislators and members of citizen advisory committees,” Delisi stated.

Click here to read the commission’s news release.

– By David Tanner, staff writer